National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

East San Gabriel & Pomona Valleys Inc.

Family Reunification Program: FRP

The Family Reunification Program has been designed for families that have been separated due to the use or abuse of alcohol/ and or other drugs. The goals of the program are achieved through a wide spectrum of services including but not limited to: education/group sessions, parenting classes, individual counseling sessions, random drug testing, attendance self-help support system and auxiliary services when necessary. Participants can achieve a clear understanding of their own use and or abuse and its impact on them and their families. This six-month program provides a framework for participants to develop strategies in relapse prevention, a support system, self esteem building, establishing and defining boundaries while learning to care for self. Participants are introduced to vocational training opportunities and assisted in meeting requirements of Department of Children and Family Services in retaining or regaining custody of their children.