National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

East San Gabriel & Pomona Valleys Inc.


National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence of the East San Gabriel and Pomona Valley's alcohol and/or other drug prevention/treatment services are specifically and uniquely designed to alleviate or prelude alcohol and/or other drug problems in the individual, his or her family and the communities of East San Gabriel & Pomona Valleys.

Information & Referral

NCADD provides factual information on alcohol and other drugs as it relates to the use and abuse of such substances. NCADD provides both direct and referral services to adults and youth within the East San Gabriel & Pomona Valleys. NCADD also maintains current listing of additional resources within the community that offer assistance in referral and linkage to other types of community services.

Confidential Alcohol and Drug Assessments

NCADD provides in-depth assessments including level of care assessment to provide a baseline of information regarding life domains, i.e., alcohol and /or other drug use, medical, employment, legal, social, psychological, family, environment and special needs. SAP (Substance Abuse Professionals) requirements may be applied upon request.

Awareness & Education Presentations

NCADD provides presentations to inform the public and community groups on subjects related to alcohol/and other drugs and their related issues. Subjects may include the psychological and physiological aspects of alcoholism and drug addiction, the recovery process, family issues, social and community issues, health related matters, and public policy.

Individual & Group Counseling

NCADD provides both one-on-one and group interaction between participants and counseling staff to implement specific objectives in the prevention, treatment, recovery plan to support, facilitate and encourage changes within a participant's life.


NCADD provides certified Interventionist to guide concerned people coming together using the Johnson Institute Method of Intervention to present reality in a receivable way to a person who is out of touch with reality due to alcoholism and or drug addiction. Goals of Intervention are prevention, education, early intervention with chemical dependency and recovery for all. NCADD is part of the National Intervention Network.

Random Drug Testing

NCADD provides monitored collection of urine specimens for the purpose of alcohol and/other drug testing. Positive results are confirmed by outside laboratory toxicologist.

Auxiliary Services

Public Awareness Seminars

Speakers Bureau

Civic & Professional Group


Alcohol & Drug Free Events

Drop In Center

Volunteer Training

12 Step Group Host

Drinking Driver Treatment Programs

The goal of the Drinking Driver Treatment Programs is to increase the awareness of the effects of alcohol and prevent an individual from operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. First and multiple offender programs are offered and must be court or Department of Motor Vehicle required.

Domestic Violence Diversion Program

The goal of the Domestic Violence Diversion Program for Batterers (DV) is to empower the participants with the skills and tools necessary to become responsible and contributing members of the community and to stop the domestic violence. This is a 52 week court and or probation only referred program.

Proposition 36

The goal of the Proposition 36 Program is to aid the participant in understanding the effects, outcomes, and consequences of continued use of alcohol and/or other drugs. Eligible offenders receive up to one year of drug treatment followed by six month of continuing care services. Participants must be court or paroled ordered.